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Duct Work

Air Duct Service in Sarasota & Manatee County

Although you can’t see it, your duct system is a series of passageways that allow conditioned air to travel to the rooms in your home. Because you can’t hear or see them, you may think it’s safe to assume your ducts are in good shape. However, failing to maintain your ductwork could result in lower indoor air quality, costly repairs and health hazards. 

Custom Climate Concepts provides complete air duct services to meet your needs.

Duct Cleaning  

It’s a good idea to have your ducts cleaned at least once a year. The benefits are substantial:

  • High Indoor Air Quality: Your ducts will inevitably become filthy without maintenance, and circulate allergens along with the air you and your family breathe. 
  • Energy Efficient: Dust and other irritants can easily clog your ducts, greatly hindering airflow through your system. This means your AC or furnace will have to work much harder to deliver the desired level of comfort; effectively wasting energy, and adding a significant cost to your next bill!
  • Preserve Your System: Clogged ducts impact the health of your other home comfort systems as well. Dirt can make its way into your AC coils, and cause other preventable issues that could lead to costly repairs.

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Importance of Duct Repairs

Though it may look like one continuous system, your ductwork is comprised of separate pieces that can become broken, twisted or cracked over time. When leaks occur between sections, only some of the air is circulated throughout your home. This means that your heating and cooling systems will have to use more energy to keep your household comfortable, resulting in much higher energy bills. Save money and resources by calling us for duct repair and sealing services.

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Expert Duct Installation 

Make sure that you’re having new ductwork installed by a reliable professional. Otherwise, you may face problems, such as:

  • Heating and cooling system breakdowns. 
  • Compromised indoor air quality.
  • Inefficient home comfort systems.
  • Improper sizing.

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