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Media Air Cleaners

How Media Air Cleaners Help Sarasota & Manatee County Homes

Media air cleaners are small, powerful units that offer high-MERV filtration without static pressure or airflow problems commonly associated with standard filters. Additionally, allergens and other airborne irritants can make their way through your duct system, and circulate through your home along with the air you and your family breathe. These contaminants can worsen seasonal allergies, and greatly compromise your indoor air quality. However, a media air cleaner keeps pesky particles at bay, so you can enjoy clean air without the downsides of standard air filters.

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Media Air Cleaners Provide Many Benefits That Standard Filters Do Not

  • Size: Media air cleaners are usually larger than traditional filters, allowing for more effective filtration.
  • Easy Installation: While standard filters are loosely positioned within your system, allowing some particles to divert, media filters are fitted to the inside of your system. That guarantees air, and whatever is carried along with it, must pass through.
  • Low Maintenance: With such busy schedules, it’s easy to let small home-maintenance tasks slip through the cracks. Unlike traditional filters, which must be changed once a month, media filters only have to be changed once every three months! 
  • More Than Just Dust: Media air filters not only capture large particles but also trap mold spores, bacteria and some viruses.
  • Efficiency: Traps more particles per energy output than standard filters, removing about 85% of larger particles. 
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